It's Time TO Remember

You may have just forgot

Down deep you know you are meant for something greater.  But damn, it can be hard to step back into something that quite possible fear has robbed of you. Don’t let this thief get away with it. Your goods are still available. You don’t have to file a police report. You don’t have to point fear out of a line up.  You don’t have to go pick up your belongings that have been broken.  Your greatness lies deep inside and you can reclaim it in all its glory. I know you’re are tired and weary. It’s OK, together, we got this. Join the movement.


The Power of Taking Charge of Your Life

Imagine waking up, opening your eyes, taking a breath, and having a deep knowing, that you are on your journey, in your journey, confidently forging ahead because deep down in places that have not yet been seen, You know you are a Big Damn Deal .

Keynote Speaking

Motivation is great, but can disappear immediately after any speech. Inspiration is an opening for new and different behaviors. This is what Bridget offers. Help your teams become all that they can become with real world topics to improve your organization. Bridget will tailor her presentation to meet your organization’s goals.

About Bridget

Bridget Megna has been a licensed attorney for 18 years and a licensed professional counselor for 30 years. However, what really sets her apart is her ability to hear what is hidden in your words and give it back to you in a safe kind way allowing you to examine and not be so damn threatened by what is there.  She is a seeker, an explorer so to speak allowing and inviting you to step into your own life or business in all your glory. She has the uncanny ability to see through the issues to what is really important.  The analytical prowess to see what needs to be explored and the expertise to assist you in your journey.  The insight to ask the difficult questions in the kindness and safest manner.  She models courage by being vulnerable and sharing her own struggles with issues allowing you to look at yours with new perspective and realizing on a gut level that you are not alone and you are not crazy. Get in touch today to see what she can do for you.

Significance-Based Approach

Clarification is one of the biggest keys to unlocking your potential.  Ever hear the saying “can’t see the forest for the trees?” Often that is exactly what happens, we are just too close to all that we are and all that we do to see the big picture. Working with Bridget will allow you to unlock your potential and open your door to your best life ever.

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